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Capital Budget Deliberative Forums - Project Suggestions
Capital Budget Deliberative Forums - Project Suggestions
What projects would you like to see included in the 2017 Capital Budget?

Can't make it to the Capital Budget Deliberative Forums on June 21 and 23? Let us know what projects should be considered for the 2017 Capital Budget here! The Capital Budget includes any project funded by public monies to design, build, restore, retain, or purchase any City-owned asset that is expected to provide a long-term public benefit or proposed physical improvements in an element of the City’s infrastructure.

Capital Projects shall have a minimum value of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) and a minimum useful life of five years. Capital Projects financed through debt should have a minimum useful life no shorter than the length of debt service. Some examples of Capital Projects include:

Street resurfacing
Bridge repairs
Improvements to parks, pools, and playgrounds

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